Two Adam’s And Bird’s Mean Max Power For Dubai 24 Hour

Two Adam’s and Bird’s mean Max Power for Dubai 24 hour

Ciceley Motorsport’ is relishing the task of their new GT Team’s first long distance race on the 12th of January,…

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Britain Faces New Plastic Waste Recycling Challenge In Wake Of China Ban

Britain faces new plastic waste recycling challenge in wake of China ban

Having relied on China for plastic recycling for many years, the UK recycling industry expects to have difficulty in coping…

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PLASgran Posts Record Growth And Expands Into Post-Consumer Processing

PLASgran posts record growth and expands into Post-Consumer processing

Cambridgeshire based plastics recycling specialists PLASgran have posted a record 30% increase in revenue, with sales increasing to £22 million…

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The Natural History Museum Will Stop Selling Plastic Bottles In A Bid To Lessen Plastic Waste

The Natural History Museum will stop selling plastic bottles in a bid to lessen plastic waste

The world's oceans are becoming increasingly polluted by waste plastic, and organisations such as Sky are promoting campaigns to reduce…

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Merry Christmas From PLASgran Ltd

Merry Christmas from PLASgran Ltd

2017 has been a great year for us and we would like to thank you all. Merry Christmas and a…

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Less Than A Third Of Young People Are Recycling Plastic

Less than a third of young people are recycling plastic

According to the results of a survey that was commissioned by RECOUP and PlasticsEurope, young people between the ages of…

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How Plastic Bags And Bottles Are Being Transformed Into Tomorrow’s Roads

How plastic bags and bottles are being transformed into tomorrow’s roads

The roads of tomorrow may contain plastic that has been recycled, in place of some of the bitumen that is…

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Could DIY Plastic Recycling Be The Next Consumer Innovation?

Could DIY plastic recycling be the next consumer innovation?

The benefits of recycling plastic are well recognised, although only a tiny proportion of the 300 million tonnes of plastic…

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Plastic Straws May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past At Your Local Pub

Plastic straws may soon be a thing of the past at your local pub

As the general public becomes more aware of ecological issues and the importance of plastic recycling, there has been some…

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Industry Groups Collaborate To Solve Black Plastic Waste Challenges

Industry groups collaborate to solve black plastic waste challenges

Black plastic recycling can be tricky, but a new initiative led by RECOUP, the UK plastic recycling charity, working with…

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Government Under Pressure To Give Cash Back To Shoppers For Plastic Bottle Recycling

Government under pressure to give cash back to shoppers for plastic bottle recycling

The Scottish Government has been committed to introducing a deposit return scheme (DRS) for drinks bottles. The First Minister, Nicola…

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Adidas Launches New Training Shoe Made From Ocean Plastic Waste

Adidas launches new training shoe made from ocean plastic waste

It is well known that plastic waste causes huge pollution problems throughout the world’s oceans. Plastics are estimated to account…

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