PLASgran offer a wide range of consistent, first-class regrinds suitable for injection, blowmoulding & extrusion

PLASgran prides itself on providing a host of plastic moulders, both in the UK and Europe, with regrinds of a consistently high quality and standard. Our state of the art reprocessing centre, including purpose built separation plant, is more than capable of washing, sorting, shredding and/or granulating a wide spectrum of recyclable plastics to produce superior raw materials for all of your moulding needs – including injection, blowmoulding and extrusion.

Regrinds are securely packaged according to your needs in bulk bags, octobins or 25kg valve sacks, as required.

Backed by our friendly, knowledgeable sales team, fast, reliable delivery services and excellent customer service you can rely on PLASgran to deliver what you need, when you need it. Take a look at our Recycled Plastic Offers.

Materials Supplied

We’ll be delighted to meet all your regrind material needs for the following plastic types: